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Creator of The Eclipse Show


Hi! My name is Amber Snyder and I am the creator of The Eclipse Show!


A quick little "bloop" about me....


For 14 years I have worked in early childhood education as a teacher, nanny, entertainer (or edutainer), director and writer. I suppose you could say this show is my thesis to my creative life? Through out all of my creative endeavors though, I have been consistently pulled back to serving young voices... 


I have seen how art, music and creativity is an essential part of human development and I had to come up with a way of sharing that knowledge with my community.  So, here I am creating free content that teaches acceptance of all, how to find your voice, to believe in your voice, science is cool and how music is part of your heart beat. Sitting in the front row of  this show you may find it to be entertainment  for toddlers and that would be accurate BUT know that I aim to host all ages in The Eclipse universe. 

At least, this is how I see it now! Change is constant though so we shall see where this journey takes me...

Illustrations by Shaun Kelly

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