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The Eclipse Show is educational kids entertainment created with the intent to connect with the “very young” crowd (ages 0-7) but also entertaining to all ages! Episodes contain original songs, quick book reviews, learning sounds AND super fast easy activities! 


"When we watch The Eclipse Show, we watch it no less than three times in a row" 

"He watched episode 1. And then he watched it again, and again..."


On February 21st, 2022 listeners began to tune in to original stories complete with sound effects and music, very à la radio play style. What were they listening to you ask? Star Stuff Stories! Prepare to be transported to planets unknown, to forests full of pixies or to a world of real life hurdles that we all experience. This is a place where dreams live while you're awake. Welcome to Eclipse's Star Stuff Stories!


 Every Bodhi Beats episode involves a sound and a song. No musical training necessary, just follow along!

A special 5 minute bonus segment within The Eclipse Show universe! Great for VERY young minds (0-5).

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